We are excited to announce we have chosen our 39th Benefit Run beneficiary, Helping Our Women!

Once a year, Moving Violations Motorcycle Club does a Benefit Run in support of a nonprofit whose work provides assistance to and advocacy for nonprofits serving primarily women and children. In the past, we have raised funds ($2K to $10K) for local organizations in the fields of breast and ovarian cancer, mobile mammography, women with/at risk for HIV/AIDS, women’s shelters, girl/teen empowerment, human trafficking, domestic violence and more. Through our ride, we garner support for and increase visibility of small and community-based projects and organizations dedicated to making a difference. We educate others and ourselves about the important work that these individual nonprofits are doing in service to the local community.

This year we have chosen an organization named Helping Our Women. Moving Violations is actively looking for donations for this years beneficiary.  If you would like to sponsor a rider please mention their name and MVMC when making your donation.  Thank you for helping us to support this very important charity organization.


Helping Our Women educates, empowers and supports women in the towns of Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro and
Provincetown who are living with chronic, disabling or life threatening health conditions and we maintain an open-door
policy to provide education and referrals to all community members. We serve women, people who identify as women or
non-binary, ages seventeen and older.

Prior Years Beneficiaries:

Benefit Run Recipient 2023

Helping children and young adults develop life skills using therapeutic horse care.

Benefit Run Recipient 2022 

Helping families permanently escape homelessness.

Benefit Run Recipient 2021 

My Life, My Choice is a non-profit organization supporting social justice

Check out our Virtual 2020 Benefit Run, held on ZOOM!


Horse SenseAbility is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping children and young adults who are underserved, at risk or have special needs develop life skills by learning about, caring for and being with horses in a peaceful setting.

Equine-assisted activities and therapy:

Fosters patience and empathy, deepens the ability to trust and relate to others, increases control over frustration and anger, develops a strong work ethic, improves social and communication skills, and builds self-esteem and self-regulation.

Horse SenseAbility offers a day camp, therapeutic riding and horsemanship lessons, community visits, field trips, occupational therapy, and other services specifically for those who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder; have emotional, behavioral, or mental health issues; experience with violence, abuse or trauma; or are at-risk.

Horses are dynamic, sensitive animals that communicate through the subtle use of body language. They respond to situations by giving immediate, honest feedback without judgement. Working with these large and powerful creatures naturally creates an opportunity for individuals to overcome fear, develop self-confidence and improve self-awareness.