Prior Years Beneficiaries:

Benefit Run Recipient 2022 


Helping families permanently escape homelessness.

Benefit Run Recipient 2021 

My Life, My Choice is a non-profit organization supporting social justice

Check out our Virtual 2020 Benefit Run, held on ZOOM!

About the charity

In our 36th year of riding, our club voted to benefit EDEN.  This Greater Boston based organization is grounded in reducing barriers and ending homelessness!  


Reducing barriers to opportunities by offering intervention and stabilization evidence-based programs that can help families attain self-sufficiency, secure better jobs and pursue their dreams. 

Provide access to permanent housing and long-lasting poverty-fighting solutions. 

EDEN aims to be the voice and vessel for uderrepresented youths and families in shelters. 

Create and implement actionable plans aimed at helping families build skills, access knowledge and resources. 

Moving Violations is actively looking for donations.  If you would like to sponsor a rider please mention their name and MVMC when making your donation.  Thank you for helping us to support this very important charity organization.