Take it slow, keep it tight

Our club moto derives from the tight formation a skilled group of riders can achieve.  Leading parades since 1985, and having 80 plus members really requires some expertise!

our club mission

  • To promote safe motorcycling through education to members.
  • To assist charitable organizations.
  • To promote motorcycle riding for women.


We brush up on our skills frequently by participating in motorcycle safety courses.


Every year MVMC chooses one local charity organization to raise money for throughout the year.

Women in Motorcycling

We support and promote women in motorcycling. For those about to ride, we salute you!

Oldest Women's Motorcycle Club in New England...

The Moving Violations Motorcycle Club was founded in June of 1985 by a small group of women who shared the love of motorcycling. The experience of riding together brought strength, friendship, and knowledge. Our club has remained active in all regards; going on group rides, raising money for charity, leading parades, attending motorcycle saftey courses, and supporting each other as female riders.
We keep a full calendar, including our annual Benefit Run, two Prospect Rides, a Provincetown Run, the Berkshire (Fall Foliage) Run, and several Committee Rides. The women of our club are of all ages, ride all kinds of bikes, and accept all types of women (and non-binary) riders with open arms. We encourage you to come to a general meeting and check us out!


Interested in becoming a member of Moving Violations Motorcycle Club?

Learn more about membership below.

To become a member of MVMC...

You will be required to “Prospect” for at least one year.  Past members whose memberships have lapsed will also be required to prospect.  The Safety Captain and Sponsors will oversee riding skills and membership requirements during the Prospect period.  Sponsor must have been a member for a minimum of one year.  No member may sponsor her lover or family member.

Prospect Responsibilities:

  • Must attend a general meeting to be introduced as a Prospect.
  • Must have a Club Sponsor.
  • Must meet the requirements of membership, but are considered “guests” and will pay the guest fee at Club rides.
  • Will safely operate a motorcycle at a novice ride following her formal introduction.
  • Will endeavor to participate in as many club-sanctioned rides as possible.
  • Will prospect for a minimum of one year after formal introduction before becoming a member.
  • Will attend an additional General Meeting, after the above requirements are met, to be accepted into the Club (“Fly Up”)
    Prospect Rights/Privileges.
  • May participate in all aspects of Club meetings and activities, except voting.
  • May purchase non-five color Club merchandise.
  • May seek a replacement sponsor if sponsorship is withdrawn either by Sponsor or Prospect unless the cause was unsafe riding by the Prospect.

Flying Up:

  • When criteria are met for membership a Prospect may “Fly Up” to full membership.
  • Must fly-up no later than two years after becoming a prospect or her prospecting will be terminated. The Board will consider exceptions to this rule, due to special circumstances, on a case-by-case basis.
  • The Club will provide new members with the club Colors. She may now purchase and wear all club insignia.

Want to come to a General Meeting and check us out?  Contact Us