All meetings will be via Zoom until further notice due to COVID-19 safety practices.

Red=MVMC Event

Orange=Board Event

Purple=Pride Event


Create actionable plans aimed at helping families build skills, access knowledge and resources. 

Jan 5 (Wed)- Board Meeting (7pm)

Jan 16 (Sun) – GENERAL MEETING 12n-2p (Via Zoom) – Choose New officers, appoint Committee leaders, and Stupid Drop Award

Feb 2 (Wed)- Board Meeting (7pm)

March 2 (Wed) – Board Meeting (7pm)

March 20 (Sun) – GENERAL MEETING (12pm) – Choose Benefit Run recipient,  Membership renewals due

April 6 (Wed) – Board Meeting (7pm)

April 14 (Thur) – Motorcycle Film Series Destination Ride Get Tickets

April 23 (Sat) – Committee Ride 

May 4 (Wed) – Board Meeting (7pm)

May 14 (Sat) – Wild Rabbit Moto Show

May 21 (Sat) – 36th Annual Benefit Run!! 

Ride to benefit EDEN

May 22 (Sun) – GENERAL MEETING (12pm) – Pride preparation

May 30 (Mon) – Experienced Rider Course
Monday, May 30th 2022 (Memorial Day); Noon – 6 PM
12 slots, register now before they fill up
Cost: $150
Location: MOMs, Raynham, MA

June 4 (Sat)- PTOWN Pride

June 6 (Wed) – Board Meeting (7pm)

June 10 (Fri)- Dyke March

July 6-8 (Wed-Fri) – Summer Run -Mid Week getaway at Gray Ghost?

July 15-17 (Fri-Sun) – 10th Annual F.L.O.W Weekend

July 24 (Sun) – GENERAL MEETING 12pm

July 22-24 (Fri-Sat) – Unofficial Provincetown Run w/ Boe

June 25 (Sat)- North Shore Pride

June? (Sat) – Holiday Party (11am-2pm)

August 4 (Wed) – Board Meeting (7pm)

Aug 6 (Sat) – World Breastfeeding Ride (Glastonbury, CT to Newton, MA)

Aug 19-21 (Fri-Sat) – Memorial Run (Gray Ghost Inn, Dover, VT)

Sept 1 (Wed) – Board Meeting (7pm)

Sept 23-25 (Fri-Sun) – Foliage Run (Gray Ghost Inn, Dover, VT)


Oct 5 (Wed) – Board Meeting (7pm)

Nov 2 (Wed) – Board Meeting (7pm)

12 noon – 2pm
New School of Music, Cambridge and via Zoom

Dec 7 (Wed) – Board Meeting (7pm)

July 21-23, 2023  – P TOWN RUN
P-town Run at (Cape Colony) and General Meeting in person and via Zoom

Aug 18-20, 2023  – Memorial Run
Memorial Run at Gray Ghost Inn, West Dover, VT

Sept 22-24, 2023  – VT Foliage Run
VT Foliage Run at Gray Ghost Inn, West Dover, VT and General Meeting